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cbmiller, Texas

Best Innovation So Far. Received my 250 lb. Capsule Feeder today. Assembly is very simple, very few parts to put together with full color picture instructions. It went together in a matter of minutes. All parts are clearly labeled and assembly is very intuitive even without the instructions. The timer is the easiest that I've ever used. One button for each function, no need to hold buttons to get into set mode or cycle through different feeding times. This will be going into the field in a couple weeks, and will update this review after some field time.



Great feeder. Easy to fill. Easy assembly. Would recommend it to everyone. Five star for sure.



Love it! So far so good - no coons!


Castnpull, Minnesota

Feeds reliability all winter in MN. Last fall I began searching for a large capacity feeder that would reliably feed shelled corn all winter long while I was in FL. I discovered the 1,000# Capsule feeder offered by Cabelas. I was impressed by the innovative design that featured low-level loading and was super resistant to invasion or damage by animals of all sizes. The other great benefit is that the feeder is almost inconspicuous in the brush on my lot - no huge storage bin sticking up in the sky to attract attention or annoy the neighbors. Best of all, the unit performed flawlessly all winter long, feeding twice a day with no intervention or maintenance required in spite of periodic snowfall and temperatures of -20 F or below for weeks. Amazing! One minor modification I made was to fabricate an enclosed mounting bracket for the solar panel that placed it 60 degrees to the horizon. That allows it to better catch the limited sunlight from the southern sky during MN winters. After filling the ground-level hopper, I will again head to FL for the winter with complete confidence that my Capsule feeder will reliably feed our neighborhood deer all winter. I am super pleased with this feeder and feel it is well worth the investment I made in it.


Acemaverick, Texas

Simply The Best Feeder On The Market. I've owned one personally for two years and have had zero troubles. Timer is excellent with multiple saved times available and is also very user friendly and robust. Battery charges great and stays charged. I've never seen it below full. I've been around a lot of these feeders and have never seen one that broke and failed on its own accord. Absolutely excellent feeders and I truly believe, beyond a few small exceptions, all other feeders are a waste of money.


Badland, Texas

500 Lb Feeder. This is the best feeder made. Feed last twice as long since the varmints cant get it. When we show up to check after several months, the capsules are always working while other feeders have to be repaired from damage by cows or coons. When I first used this I noticed it didn't put out as much corn as other capsule feeders . We found the pipe around the augur was to long compared to the others, so not as much augur was exposed to pick up the feed . Cutting off 1/2 inch of the PVC pipe around the augur did the job .Now it throws out the same amount as the others.


lchfish, Maryland

Excellent product. I own 7 of these 1000 lb feeders - 5 before Cabelas began handling them. for several years they perform flawlessly. but on word of caution. do not use old corn that has over wintered and is dirty and broken from insect damage or corn with alot of cob pieces. it will clog the auger and not perform as expected. good quality fresh corn - excellent product. also every 2-3000 lbs, clean out feeder to remove dust and chafe. I have had dealing with mfg for several small issue - they were excellent to deal with - helpful and fast!!


John S., Poplarville, MS

Best Corn Feeder so far. I have many corn feeders throughout my Ranch. Because of some of the large game animals, I have constructed hanging arrangements for each feeder. I tried two of these. They worked great. For some reason, the large game animals do not disturb them. As my other feeders develop problems (with age), I am replacing them with these. My first one of these had broken parts. The manufacturer replaced them promptly at no cost. I had questions. The manufacturer answered them immediately. Good people make these feeders and they are good products.


BIGGUS, Atlanta, GA

GREAT EQUIPMENT & SUPPORT!!!! I've owned many feeders over the years, but this one is the best by far. Easy to load, and seems very durable. When I talked to the manufacturer, they were very helpful and really stand behind their product.


GoVolunteers, Atlanta, GA

Great Feeder. Yes, it is expensive but so far, it has worked very very well. It came via tractor trailer delivery to my house and was shrink wrapped to a pallet. Driver dropped it at the curb on his liftgated trailer and then used a pallet jack to pull it up my driveway. I was concerned that assembly was going to take a long time but couldn't have been much easier. The auger system etc. inside the feeder was already assembled. All I had to do was take the top off and install the battery and timer...easy. Have had it out in S. GA for 6 weeks and it was still almost a third full after throwing corn 3 times a day. I have a bunch of pics of hogs all around it almost every night without any effect to the feeder. Also, much easier to transport than I thought it would be be. I used a piece of board leaning against my tailgate and put a cable lock through the handle to use like a rope. I pulled it up the board and into the back of the truck. Did it easily by myself. It fit flat in the back of my f150. In the field, i simply lowered it off the tailgate to the ground (no board). Wish they were less expensive though because I would have 3 or 4 of them.


BuzzTex, San Antonio, TX

Truly Revolutionary. I've been using my Capsule Game Feeder for just over a year and it's revolutionized how I manage deer on my ranch. It's saved me time and money by eliminating wasteful corn feeding from raccoons and hogs. I've had serious hog problems with my other conventional feeders but my capsule has been a force to be reckoned with! Setting up the feeder was a snap, even for an old coot like me. I like how I can refill the entire feeder from the ground or bed of my truck without having to deal with walking up ladders and lifting heavy bags of feed over my head. Well worth the price. I just ordered 3 more.


Mark B. Hickey, Medina County, TX

"I wanted to drop you a note regarding my latest Capsule Feeder. I placed it in the back of my Suburban and headed to our ranch. Once down there, I quickly assembled it in the field, including the new protein feed adaptor, and had it loaded and feeding in no time!My original Capsule has been in use since July of '08 without a single problem! In case there are still skeptics, tell them this: I put 400 lbs. in my original Capsule back in October ?09. It fed twice a day (4 lbs. per day), without a hitch.I checked it this past weekend, 2/6/10, to find it finally empty (the corn lasts much longer since every coon and hog isn't stealing it!). It had thrown all but a very small handful of corn out! Thanks for making a great new product that even a "mechanically challenged" guy like me can easily transport and quickly put together!"


Carter Speer, Carrizo Springs, TX

"The Capsule Feeder is without a doubt the best invention in the wildlife feeding industry in years. Growing up in Dimmit County provided many years of hunting and feeding wildlife.I cannot begin to guess at the number of tons of corn I have cranked up in tripod barrel feeders and schlepped up the tiny steps of crank-less feeder. The Capsule is simple, SAFE and 3 decades late, but thanks heavens it is here today!One of my expensive crank tripod feeders fell to the ground last week while I was winching it cost is over $350 and I am lucky my son or I was not injured. This will never happen with the Capsule!I put my first Capsule in a location that was not well thought out. Moving the feeder, full of corn I must add, was the easiest task I have had at the ranch this year.simply tied a tow strap to the handles of the Capsule and drug it with my Suburban to a better location. They are so rugged & durable that the wind, cows and hogs cannot push them over and raccoons cannot feed all night as they do on my other tripod feeders. My feed bill has been cut in half!If the capsule system can work for NASA, why not let it work for you and your wildlife!!"


Shane Steele, Elusive Wildlife Outdoors, Houston, TX

"Hey guys! Congratulations on a great product. The Capsule Feeder has to be the most innovative feeder I have ever seen. You guys will absolutely turn the feeder market on its head with this new design. I love the fact that I don't have to climb any more rickety ladders carrying 50 pound bags of corn. There are cows, hogs, and raccoons on my place and the Capsule Feeder has defeated them at every turn. I am no longer loosing precious feed from my feeders thanks to the Capsule. I have three of these beauties and will definitely be getting more for my hunting property. Good job guys!!"


Scott Ragsdill

"I was filling a feeder in Big Lake when the winch cable came loose and started to drop, luckily we noticed it and were able to move out of the way in time before it crashed to the ground. Another time, I was filling a feeder in Coleman using a ladder leaned up on a standard tripod feeder when one of the legs began to twist - I was able to jump off and out of the way right before the 300 lbs of corn and feeder came crashing down. Another time, my friend was filling a feeder alone, the built-in ladder gave way and the whole thing came down on top of him - miraculously he escaped with only a few bruises.Each one of these incidents could have proven fatal or life-changing. Obviously this safety hazard cannot happen with the ground-based feeder you have designed. I highly recommend the Capsule Feeder for the safety factor alone. One visit to the ER will more than pay for the extra cost of this safe feeding system. Besides the safety aspect, it is a quality designed and manufactured item that works great!"


Larry Biedenharn, Boerne, TX

"I bought my first Capsule Feeder in September of 2008 -- and have since bought three more! They are great! Especially like how easy they are to fill and maintain. Have had no problems with them and would recommend them to anyone who loves the outdoors. Keep up the good work!"