Rage® Broadheads

  • Crossbow X Blade Open Quick view

    Rage® Broadheads

    Crossbow X Blade

    Rage Crossbow X Blade Features: 2-Blade Broadhead 100 or 125 Grain Cut-on-contact Tip Aluminum Construction F.A.T. (Ferrule Alignment Technology) Tough Razor-Sharp .035" Stainless Steel Blades 2"+ Cutting Diameter (Increased cut for 2013) SHOCK...

  • Standard Shock Collar Quick view

    Rage® Broadheads

    Replacement SHOCK COLLAR™

    Rage Broadheads Replacement SHOCK COLLAR™ Features: Available for all Rage Broadheads utilizing SHOCK COLLAR™ Technology Reliable blade retention Breaks upon impact to allow full blade deployment Standard and High...

  • Hypodermic Quick view

    Rage® Broadheads

    Rage Replacement Blades

    Rage Broadheads Replacement Blades Features: Precision - Rage broadheads are known for their accuracy and their wound channels are legendary Hassle Free - Replacement Blades are an easy way to replace your dull blades without having to buy all new...