Quick Detach Scope Rings

Quick Detach Scope Rings - Archived

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This Product has been Discontinued. Please contact your local dealer for availability.

Quick Detach Scope Rings


  • Stealth Profile- Precision 4-screw low-profile “Tiger” scope ring design ensures easy handling and confident aiming. Anodized stealth black matte finish blends easily with your crossbow and camo.
  • Quick Detach- Quick-detach lever lock design provides secure attachment for optimal re-zero performance.
  • Picatinny Rail Base- Picatinny Rail base design features a micro-adjust for snug fit. This ensures reliability and peace of mind in the field.
  • Light & Tough- Machined from lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. This allows for rugged handling while maintaining tight tolerances and a secure fit.

Even the best scope & crossbow combination can be rendered useless without a secure, properly fitted connection. And the last place you want to encounter an issue is in the field, where a poor mount can cost you time, bolts, or a kill. These Quick Detach Scope Rings are strong enough to withstand even the heaviest recoil without moving or changing the point of impact.

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