XL Leg Cuff Deer Drag with Turkey Tote Inserts



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XL Leg Cuff with Turkey Tote Inserts makes dragging your deer and carrying your game out easier. Lifetime Warranty. MADE IN USA
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Turkey Hunting Made Easy with Turkey Tote Inserts
The All-In Outdoors Turkey Tote Inserts make your turkey hunting season a lot more fun by keeping those spurs away from your body. Your hands, arms and elbows are provided optimum comfort to avoid stress or injury by putting the handle in front of your body, and off the turkey.

This essential piece of turkey hunting gear fits easily in a pocket or vest. The Turkey Tote and the Leg Cuff together only weigh 9 oz!

Your trophy tail fan, beard and spurs are left intact and ready to mount, too! The way the Turkey Tote works, the turkey is held by the rope over your shoulder, away from your body on your back. This positions the tail fan away from your body, too. The spurs are left in place, unmarked below the cuff.

Carrying a 20 lb turkey (or turkeys!) gets heavy. Sling that tom over a shoulder, holding the legs by your hands and you’ll ache all over for days! You’ll end up with torn up hands, aching elbows and arms by the time you make it to the truck. Plus, the turkey trophy fan will be ruined. Not with our turkey hunting accessories!

With our Turkey Tote Inserts, your hands are in front on a comfortable grip handle. The handle is 100% nylon fiberglass and contours to your fingers. Our Turkey Tote inserts were made specifically to work with our Leg Cuff Deer Drag with ease. The Leg Cuff Deer Drag is sold separately. Our turkey hunting gear is made to last and comes with a lifetime warranty. We are proud to say they are made in the USA.
The XL Leg Cuff is for yearlings to Mature bucks. The Extra long handle makes dragging your deer an ease. You can drag alone or have a friend lend a hand.
Leg Cuff XL Deer Drag is for successful hunters.
Works with Larger does to mature bucks. One size fits medium to larger deer. The Leg Cuff XL has a larger handle, you can use two hands or have someone help you. This simple deer drag system makes dragging your deer a lot easier by keeping the deer’s head up and to the front of the body.

Using the front legs, the leg cuff deer drag is attached to the ankles behind the deer’s head. When the hunter drags the deer the head is brought up off the ground, protecting the rack and cape. Your trophy mount will look great.



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