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The 2-blade 150-grain Hypodermic Trypan Crossbow broadhead from Rage features the same needle-like, streamlined ferrule and impressive features as it predecessor but now built with stainless steel and at a heavier weight. In flight, the resting .039-inch-thick razor-sharp stainless-steel blades measure just ¾-inch,but upon impact the patented SlipCam™ Rear Deploying system effortlessly expands the blades to an ultra-wide 2-inches that administer massive slap-cut entry holes. The sweptback blade-angle and added weight of this 150-grain point deliver unprecedented penetration and exceptional performance on even the largest big game species.

SKU: R35400 | UPC: 818322012485


  • 2-Blade Broadhead
  • 150 Grain
  • Hybrid Hypodermic Tip
  • Machined Stainless Steel Ferrule
  • .039″ Blades
  • 2″ Cutting Diameter
  • Keyed ferrule and SHOCK COLLAR™
  • High energy series SHOCK COLLAR™
  • 3 per Package



Good quality and very sharp. Shock Collar is a bit finicky to install and must be replaced after each bolt release.

Posted by Reece on Feb 14th 2022

I shot my 1st deer with the Rage Trypan. I used Muzzy Trocars in the past. The damage the 2 blade Rage does compared to the 3 blade Muzzy is unreal. The Rage creates a very big Wound Channel. I'm a Rage fan for Life.

Posted by Tom Barnowske on Oct 22nd 2021

While this is marketed as a "crossbow" head, it's fantastic for those who are following the high FOC movement and heavier heads. I killed six whitetails with this head last year, and it was pure devastation; none of them made it further than 40 yards, and I had complete pass-throughs and had to pull my arrows out of the ground. Definitely a winner for those wanting to pack more punch in their setups!

Posted by Greg Staggs on Sep 13th 2021

Flies like field points. Leaves awesome blood trails.

Posted by John on Oct 26th 2020


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