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Rocky Mountain’s “The Nub” De-Cocking Tip 1 PC

If space in your crossbow quiver is at a premium, consider a release tip vs. a specialized release bolt for de-cocking your bow at the end of the hunt. “The Nub” Crossbow Arrow Release Tip is small, portable, and will attach to most standard crossbow bolts.

SKU: RM59002  | UPC: 818322012980


  • Inserts into standard crossbow bolts to create a safe & effective way to de-cock a crossbow.
  • Small & Ultra-Portable.
  • A Specialized head for crossbow de-cocking.
  • Durable Machine aluminum design.
  • High-Vis Orange Color for easy identification.



I used to discharge my crossbow into a target we kept where we hunted, but my RM-415 had too much arrow speed for the target. A practice point shot into the ground cost me a bolt when it completely disappeared. I tried the nub and it generally stops after about four inches of penetration into the dirt. Easy to pull out, although you have to whack the dirt off of it. Once you get it on tight enough it works well and fits in the quiver fine. I got one for my dad too.

Posted by David on Dec 8th 2021


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