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The Rocky Mountain Switchblade features an aluminum ferrule with an almost 3″ total cutting diameter from the 2″ over-the-top expandable blades and a 7/8″ cut-on-contact tip blade that starts working the instant it makes contact. The Switchblade’s jackknife blade-deployment system will not open until the blades have made full contact with the animal, making broadside and even angled shots more deadly. With its aluminum ferrule and durable 0.035-inch-thick stainless steel blades, the Rocky Mountain Switchblade slices through hide and soft tissue on contact and makes a devastating wound channel.

SKU: RM56010 | UPC: 818322012508


  • 4-Blade Expandable
  • 100 Grain
  • Large Cut-on-Contact Tip
  • Aerodynamic Aluminum Ferrule
  • .035″ Thick Blades
  • 7/8″ Cut-on-contact Tip
  • 2″ Cutting Expandable Blades
  • 2.9″ Total Cutting Diameter
  • Jackknife Blade Deployment
  • 3 Pack



I was in northern Missouri hunting whitetails, the Broadhead work magnificently even though the shot that I made wasn’t the greatest shot. It was a liver shot, but the deer only went 30 yards and expired. I would highly recommend this Broadhead.

Posted by Shane Milburn on Nov 18th 2019

This broad head worked amazingly well. Basically blew up my bucks heart. He went about 5 yards and dropped for good. Why spend more? Love the hybrid design. Super impressed.

Posted by Benjamin Hill on Nov 16th 2019

Pros-Great Broadhead! Great blood flow! Easy to tune they fly just like a field point! Cons-Not real great for quartering away shots, wish they had a removable chisel tip before the fixed blade not very forgiving when it hits the dirt/rocks

Posted by Andrew on Nov 10th 2019


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