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TruFire SEAR Back Tension

Orange | SKU: BTO | UPC: 045437034327
Red | SKU: BTR | UPC: 045437034334
Green | SKU: BTG | UPC: 045437034341
Blue | SKU: BTB | UPC: 045437034631
Silver | SKU: BTS | UPC: 045437034648


  • Fully Machined Components
  • Heavy Brass Handle
  • Adjustable Hot / Cold Setting
  • 4 sided Sear with Variable Click Options
  • Adjustable Fourth Finger Positioning
  • 3 Position Adjustable Thumb Placement



I had high hopes for this release. It had everything I wanted. While getting it set the way I wanted, the two set screws that hold the sear in place, they were so tight from the factory that they ruined three Allen wrenches and stripped the heads rendering the release useless. I'm giving this product 3 stars only because it's weight, feel and the 4th finger design are exactly what I wanted. If it wasn't for the set screws, it would have 5.

Posted by Jeff on May 16th 2022

I purchased one of that becuse I thought that will be well customizable settings. After 20 shots the relese cannot execute the shot because the sear tightener screws are loosen and the sear started to move during the shot execution. Never buy this product it is completly unsafe! Just think about the phisics torque = force * the length of the force. If you pull the bow, it's draw weight 60 pond so to fix the sear to be sure not be able to move (rotate) you need 300-400 pound of force to press both sides of the sear. The little 1/16" screw is not designed to be able to make this pressure to fixate the sear. As an archery shop I bought for myself this type of release and use it before I sell to customers. I will never sell any of these true-fire relase aid to marketed in my store. Of course I want to get my money back from the manufacturer because it's a big designing failure. Please give me the manufacturer's e-mail address.

Posted by Jeefoo on Feb 13th 2021

This is the absolute worst release I've ever used in my life. The small adjustment screws to adjust the hot and cold striped the first time I tighten the screws after adjusting. I got the screws tightened and it worked for a bit then the 3 finger piece fell off on the archery range and I couldn't find it. After that the hot and cold adjustment 4 leaf clover looking piece ripped the back of the screws off. Now the release does not work. I can't believe Levi Morgan put his name on this release. Good thing feradyne outdoors has the money to pay him to put his name on it. Will not buy a release for Tru-Fire again.

Posted by Tucker on May 4th 2020

I’ve owned about 7 hinge releases all being TruBall which I’d have to say I liked all of them. Decided just for fun to try the Sear. Lots of adjustments like no other. if you learn how to adjust the Sear, and try each setting, you can really set this perfect just for you. That would make buying and trying many hinges unnecessary.

Posted by Robert Wright on Feb 14th 2020


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