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Scopes for SURE-LOC Target Archery Bowsights

As the most advanced scope housing on the market is available in either 29mm and 35mm.  SURE-LOC Scopes includes three pins: .010, .019 and .029, and eight pin-mounting locations so every archer can select his or her preferred view. The highly durable and great-looking aluminum anodized body comes in orange, green, red, blue and black. Threaded front and back for the addition of a lens or sunshade, each version accepts SURE-LOC lenses and the discontinued Black Eagle lenses. The scope can be used with or without the Carbon Fiber Inner Tube, and it can be used without a pin for use with a lens.

29mm / Red | SKU: SL51291 | UPC: 702649512912
29mm / Orange | SKU: SL51292 | UPC: 702649512929
29mm / Green | SKU: SL51293 | UPC: 702649512936
29mm / Blue | SKU: SL51294 | UPC: 702649512943
29mm / Black | SKU: SL51296 | UPC: 702649512967
35mm / Red | SKU: SL51351 | UPC: 702649513516
35mm / Orange | SKU: SL51352 | UPC: 702649513520
35mm / Green | SKU: SL51353 | UPC: 702649513537
35mm / Blue | SKU: SL51354 | UPC: 702649513544
35mm / Black | SKU: SL51356 | UPC: 702649513568


  • Available in 29mm and 35mm
  • Includes .010″, .019″, and .029″ Pins
  • 8 Pin Mounting Locations
  • Can be used without a pin in conjunction with a lens
  • Can be used with or without the Carbon Fiber Inner Tube
  • 8mm Level
  • Threaded Front and Back for Lens and/or Sunshade
  • Accepts SURE-LOC lenses and the discontinued Black Eagle Lenses
  • Aluminum Anodized Body available in Orange, Green, Red, Blue and Black



Still have not received it! I wish could have been ups to make the delivery not usps mail!

Posted by Blake Yoder on Jan 26th 2021

i have been shooting the scope for while now and the design has allowed this scope to be more versatile than any other scope i have ever shot. the different pin mounts allow you to set your pin for the best sight picture for your style of shooting. the little longer design and solid construction helps keep sun glare off your pin. combined with the Carbonic this has been hands down the best setup I've ever shot!!!!

Posted by hunter smith on Jul 7th 2020


Posted by Rex Rathbun on Jun 29th 2020


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