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Rage SHOCK COLLAR™ technology prevents the blades on your Rage broadheads from prematurely deploying if you happen to bump your arrow or broadhead while on stand or stalking. SHOCK COLLAR™ are designed to break upon impact and will need to be replaced after each shot. Blades should rest on the solid portion of the SHOCK COLLAR™, not in the cuts. Inspect the SHOCK COLLAR™for any damage prior to use to ensure proper function. Approximate quantity is 15-20 per container.

Standard | SKU: R51100  | UPC: 853616003749
High Energy | SKU: R32700 | UPC: 818322011730
3-blade Chisel Tip and X | SKU: R60107 | UPC: 818322011914
Trypan | SKU: R35107 | UPC: 818322011945
Trypan Crossbow | SKU: R35207 | UPC: 818322012379
Kore 3-blade | SKU: R32800 | UPC: 818322011075
Kore Crossbow | SKU: R22400 | UPC: 818322011358


  • Available for all Rage Broadheads utilizing SHOCK COLLAR™ Technology
  • Reliable blade retention
  • Breaks upon impact to allow full blade deployment
  • Standard and High Energy SHOCK COLLAR™ for Vertical and Crossbows
  • 15-20 per pack



I like to keep extra collars in my hunting pack just in case.

Posted by Robin on Nov 30th 2021

Received shock collars fast from feradyne I gave it a 4 star only becouse I haven’t been able to see how they work.

Posted by Albert Perry on Dec 2nd 2020

I've shot Rage for years now and recently moved to the new hypodermic trypan for crossbows. Only down fall was nobody sold the replacement collars in my town. Feradyne made it super easy to order what I needed and once they shipped, I had them 2 days later! Gata love it

Posted by Mic loughary on Nov 19th 2020

I ordered these in August and received them in November

Posted by Anonymous on Nov 12th 2020


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