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The ultimate light-weight hunting arrow has arrived. Featuring Carbon Express’ backbone technology which integrates thin strands of Kevlar into the weave for added strength and impeccable 360 degree consistent spine. Paired with our famous RED ZONE Technology and you have a deadly recipe for unmatched broadhead accuracy.

Sizes/Spine: 150 (.500″ spine), 250 (.400″ spine), 350 (.340″ spine)
Available In: 12 pack shafts, 6 pack fletched arrows
Length: 31.5″
Straightness factor: ±.0025″
Weight: 150 (6.6gpi), 250 (7.5gpi), 350 (8.4gpi)
Weight tolerance: ±1 grain


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  • Backbone Technology – Promotes leading 360 degree spine consistency (Green fibers around the center section).
  • Carbon Weaving – 100% weaved carbon design for quicker recovery.
  • Tri-spine/RED ZONE Technology – For industry leading broadhead flight.
  • Lightweight – Built lightweight for speed and a flatter trajectory.
  • Q2i Rapt-X 2” Vanes – 6pks fletched with either WHITE cock vane & 2 RED vanes or GREY cock vane & 2 RED vanes.  Online orders are unable to choose color option



Extremely happy with products and service from Feradyne and will not hesitate to recommend them to friends.

Posted by Monty Pifer on Sep 25th 2021

I recently purchased a dozen XRZ arrows. Two weeks into shooting at a BullDog Target Bag. Three of my arrows broke. Two in the middle and one near the field point. I am quite upset. I am an avid fan of the Carbon Express Maxima Red arrows. I have been shooting these for it seems like a decade. I was a little leery to try something new. But I thought what the hell;. They are Carbon Express arrows. To my dismay. I was wrong. They do shoot straight. But the cost clearly outweighs the probable mishaps. I am not a fan. Back to my Maxima reds.

Posted by Dan on Aug 12th 2020

I have been shooting carbon express for about 7 years now having shot beman arrows previously. My all time favorite are the maxima hunter KV where they first introduced kevlar into the arrows and switched to Maxima Red's from those. I recently purchased a dozen of the XRZ and LOVE them! They are very close to the maxima hunter KV's that I didn't want to give up. Very highly recommend!!

Posted by Travis Leier on Aug 13th 2019


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