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Upon their introduction Rage® Broadheads revolutionized the way bowhunters viewed the function and reliability of mechanical broadheads. The SlipCam™ blade deployment technology brought confidence to woodlots everywhere with intense blood trails and exceptional results. Today, Rage continues to revolutionize broadhead design with the addition of proven NC (No Collar™) technology to the Rage Crossbow X broadheads in both 100 and 125 grains.

The integration of NC technology into Rage’s classic designs further enhances each head’s reliability and functionality in the field. Newly incorporated NC (No Collar) technology integrated blade containment system utilizes cutting-edge finger-like tabs on the blades’ pivot point to “anchor” the blades in place while in the closed position. This technology completely eliminates the need for a Shock Collar, dental band or O-ring, while still providing a 100% reliable blade retention system.

When combined with the strong and dependable construction of the original Rage designs, users can now have an even higher level of confidence in their favorite Rage broadheads. Each 2-blade version incorporates premium-grade aluminum ferrules and ultra-tough .035” thick and razor-sharp stainless-steel blades for exceptional performance on game animals of all sizes. The integration of NC technology eliminates the Shock Collar, while still maintaining excellent blade retention, huge entry wounds and the deep wound channels that made the 2-inch cutting diameter Rage the number one selling broadhead brand of all time. Rage Crossbow X is available in 100 or 125 grains.

100 Grain SKU: R38902 | 125 Grain SKU:R38903



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