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Rage’s most popular 2-blade broadhead is now with SHOCK COLLAR™ technology! No more o-rings, proven Slip Cam technology ensures blade retention and massive entry holes for extreme blood loss and field point accuracy.

SKU: R61000 | UPC: 818322011365


  • 2 Blade Broadhead
  • 100 Grain
  • Cut-on-Contact Tip
  • Anodized Aluminum Ferrule
  • Large .039″ Leading Edge Blade
  • Tough, Razor Sharp .035″ Stainless Steel Blades
  • 2″ Expandable Cut
  • SHOCK COLLAR™ for Blade Retention
  • 3 per Package
  • Replacement Blades Available (R61005)



I’ve shot the same body’s for years now. Only replacing blades when I need too. I usually resharpen the blades if they are not bent. These have truly been an amazing broadheads, no complaints what so ever.

Posted by DC on Nov 5th 2018

I have used the 2c for 2 years now, last year I harvested 2 does both broadside shots. You can hear these broad heads impact at 30 yards and the blood trail is massive. Today I made an angled away shot close to 40 yards, the 2c made the clean entrance cut then expanded and cut liver and lung before exiting, deer was down in under 30 yards. The YouTube videos shooting plywood at angles are not justified. The Rage 2c is lethal! I my wife and son in law have all had same results, if if you do your part the 2c will put it down

Posted by Ben on Sep 23rd 2018


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