17.5″ AX405 Bolt Combo Pack with Axe Lit Nocks

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Axe 17.5″ AX405 Bolt Combo Pack with Axe Lit Nocks

Axe .166 Micro Diameter Bolts


  • Length: 17.38″
  • Fusion XII SL Vanes
  • Approx. Weight: 414 Grains (including Lit Nock and 100 grain point)

Axe Green Lit Nock


  • Crossbow String Activated
  • Injection Molded
  • Super bright LED
  • 20+ hours
  • Approx. Weight: 44 grains

Axe Crossbows and Nockturnal lighted nocks now in a custom-created 3-pack of bolts and lighted nocks.

Axe Crossbows’ .166 micro-diameter bolt system, the Axe Combo Bolts with Lit Axe Nock 3-Pack system is custom fit for Axe crossbows. Cut to length to fit each crossbow model respectively the combo system features the proprietary .166 micro-diameter shaft fletched with three Fusion XII SL Vanes and the super-bright Axe Lit nocks. The metal injection molded Lit lighted nock system creates an audible click when properly secured to the crossbow’s string.  The super-bright LED system is initiated by the forward movement created by the strings forward movement to engage Nockturnal’s patented crossbow string-activated linear switch with piston-driven assembly. These lighted nocks are exceptionally reliable and do not require any specific tools to set up and come factory-installed in the shafts.  Side illumination ports on the nock’s body allow for additional light dispersion and increased “tracking” as the nock moves.  With more than 20 hours of lithium-powered battery life the extended burn time grants plenty of opportunity for reuse and easy identification long after the shot.


WARNING! To avoid serious injury and learn about safe hunting techniques, users must read the instructions and watch the videos at prior to shooting any crossbow bolt.

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My best: please use a target and field point to release the cocking strap if you are going to stow the bow for a time period. Do not shoot into ground to discharge. Mine buried so deep I couldn't even find the red nock. Definitely great penetration, but a costly lesson.

Posted by Jeffrey Moore on Jun 22nd 2022


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