Picture Perfect Sweet Attractant

Picture Perfect Attractants - Sweet Attractant

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Covert Scouting Cameras Picture Perfect Meal Attractant 20#


  • Crude Protein: Min. 12% 
  • Crude Fat: Min. 2.0% 
  • Crude Fiber: Max. 15% 
  • Strong Sugar Smell and Taste 
  • Loose Meal Texture

Covert’s Picture Perfect Attractant is scientifically formulated to reel deer into a specific area. This sweet-tasting, textured loose meal attractant couples with a strong aroma for exceptional attraction. It brings deer in from a distance and holds them in front of your cameras. A proprietary blend of minerals and nutrients combines a minimum of 12% crude protein, 2% crude fat and 15% crude fiber in an ideal ratio to enhance its appeal while amplifying area herd health. A great year-round attractant that can provide best results in spring and fall during critical development stages or when trying to keep deer close to where you hunt. Powered by saccharine, strong sugary taste and smell with an added apple aroma make the proprietary blend irresistible to deer and will have them coming back for more.

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