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Discontinued Mayhem Crossbolt


This Product has been Discontinued. Please contact your local dealer for availability.

Mayhem Crossbolt


  • Multi-layer Construction Innovative multi-layer construction has an optimal size diameter and is tuned for today’s high-powered crossbows to deliver exceptional down-range accuracy and penetration with a broadhead.
  • Real Straightness Precision sorted for straightness to +/- 0.004", creating maximum consistency shot after shot. 
  • K-360 Weave Technology Back shaft section made with a patented process that integrates a carbon weave into the outer layer of the bolt for added strength and spine consistency.
  • 6-Pack includes inserted Moon nocks, 6 Universal nocks, and 6 C nocks.
  • 3-Pack includes inserted Moon nocks, 3 Universal nocks, and 3 C Nocks.

The Mayhem® Crossbolt is engineered with advanced carbon materials to provide superior spine consistency. The combination of speed, accuracy, and penetration gives you 100% confidence at the moment of release. 

Model Length / Diameter Quantity Grains
52132 20" / 0.348" 6-pack 420
52133 22" / 0.348" 6-pack 449
52239 20" / 0.348" 3-pack 420
52240 22" / 0.348" 3-pack 449

*Above weights include a 100 grain field point and 3" Dragon Vanes fletching.

WARNING! To avoid serious injury and learn about safe hunting techniques, users must read the instructions and watch the videos at prior to shooting any crossbow bolt.

20" 3-pack | SKU: 52239 | UPC: 44734-52239-1
22" 3-pack | SKU: 52240 | UPC: 44734-52240-7