Lighted Green X Nock

Lighted Nocks for Carbon Fish Arrows

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Fish Arrow Nocks


Muzzy Bowfishing Green Lighted Nocks for Muzzy Carbon Composite Fish Arrows


  • Bowstring activated linear switch
  • Fool proof operation in any condition
  • Long life lithium battery
  • Super bright Green LEDs
  • Water and weather proof
  • Unsurpassed reliability
  • X-Nock design to fit Carbon Composite Fish Arrows

Exclusive patented linear switch design works every time, no wires of connections, simple bowstring activated push on switch, easily switches off when done, extended burn time of 20+ hours, water proof, use in any conditions, see your arrow impacts and watch the fish run.

1-Pack | SKU: 1046 | UPC: 050301110465
3-Pack | SKU: 1047 | UPC: 050301110472