Jerky Seasoning - Mesquite

Jerky Seasoning - Mesquite (Seasoning & Cure for 5 lbs.)

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Jerky Seasoning - Mesquite (Seasoning & Cure for 5 lbs.)


  • Created by professional wild game chefs
  • Contains cure and seasoning packets to make 5 pounds of jerky
  • Use with wild game, meats or poultry
  • Step-by-step directions enclosed

Add a Taste of Sweet, Savory Mesquite to Your Jerky

This mesquite jerky cure and seasoning pack combines a mouthwatering combination of light, smoky flavors with mild sweetness. Designed to help you prep up to five pounds of jerky, this kit contains both cure and seasoning, so you get not only consistent flavor, but long storage.  Unique in flavor, and easy to prepare, this jerky kit delivers everything you need to season and preserve your jerky. Whether you're working with venison, beef, wild game or poultry, add it to your order and bring a touch of sweet smoke to your next batch.


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