Does Price Equal Performance?


Published April 12, 2022 - Written by FeraDyne Staff

In this day and age there are a number of instances where that’s certainly the case, but every once in a while, there’s an exception to the rule. From vehicles to tech, products do come along that buck the trend. Such is the case with the Rocky Mountain RM415 as recognized in a recent article from Grandview Outdoors, Archery Business highlighting the price-point crossbow’s strong value-to-performance ratio. 

Today, “value” is a tricky word and is often confused with something cheap that falls short from the competitive set but the price makes the shortcoming worth the gap.  Meanwhile, there’s often a sacrifice with a component to the product or its economic life. Often times, the buyer thinks, I can buy X of those for the same price as the competitor over the same product life cycle.  Archery Business’s review of the RM415 is highlighted by reviewer, Stephen D. Carpenteri who said, “In a world where $1,000 crossbows are the norm, it is almost shocking to find a hunting-level crossbow that sells for less than $400, yet the RM-415 delivers on the manufacturer’s promise of a reliable, durable and lightweight unit with an MSRP of $349.99.”



As also recognized by Crossbow Revolution Magazine and Field and Stream Carpenteri also goes on to say, “Accuracy with any crossbow is an important feature and the RM-415 performed as well as crossbows costing hundreds, even thousands, more.”  So, maybe, in this instance performance doesn't equal price and there isn’t need for sacrifice or to pay more for something that checks most of the boxes? For those looking for reliability, accuracy, performance and a great fit the RM415 checks all the boxes without the sticker shock of other models.  Fit and feel are what matters and if the “shoe fits” thank you might just want to give this “performance without sacrifice model a try this season.

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