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Rut Daniels

Catchin' Deers

Rut Daniels

My favorite animal to hunt: I like steak and they ain’t cheap, I’ll chase anything with loins.

My favorite place to hunt: Close to the camp. I love huntin’ but I hate walkin’.

My best hunting memory: Take a look in my freezer and I’ll show you.

Josh Anderson

My favorite animal to hunt: Without a doubt the whitetail deer is my favorite animal to hunt. Each hunt and each opportunity bring a new adventure and a unique challenge that I cannot resist. There is just something about fooling a mature whitetail buck and making the plan come together!

My favorite place to hunt: Growing up in the South, I always dreamed about hunting the Midwest. The first year I went to Kansas, I truly got to see what Kansas was all about, and a piece of my heart never left! The deer there are so fun to hunt because they are so visible and so reactive to decoys, grunt calls, and rattling horns.

My best hunting memory: My best hunting memory would have to be seeing my wife take her first ever deer, and it being a buck! Watching her interest and love grow over the past years for the outdoors have been a treat for us. It’s led to more memories and time spent together and that’s something that I will cherish forever!

Chris Helton

My favorite animal to hunt: Whitetail Deer. Being able to stay hidden, remain quiet and fool a mature whitetail’s nose all while being in range with archery equipment is no easy task. The thrill of this all coming together never gets old!

My favorite place to hunt: I have been blessed to have the opportunity to hunt in many different areas of the country but if I could only choose one it would have to be Kansas! Hunting during the month of November in Kansas is a very magical time. The bucks are on their feet and extremely responsive to calling. Nothing sweeter than hitting the rattling horns together and calling a mature whitetail to the base of your tree.

My best hunting memory: Hands down all the experiences and memories I have of hunting with and filming my son. I have been able to successfully capture ALL but one of his deer harvests since he began hunting at age 8. To go back and rewatch these hunts unfold on the big screen is priceless and something I know he will cherish his entire life.

Jason Say

My favorite animal to hunt: Whatever is in season! Whitetail but Elk is a very close second.

My favorite place to hunt: My Home State of Pennsylvania, Number 2 is Kentucky.

My best hunting memory: Pretty much anything with my kiddos. I would have to say my son and daughter’s first deer!