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CX Crossbow Scope 1.5 - 5X32 - Archived

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This Product has been Discontinued. Please contact your local dealer for availability.

CX Crossbow Scope 1.5 - 5X32


  • Superior Optics Features a high-performance 1" optical system, red/green illumination, and glass-etched reticle with adjustability that can be calibrated from 300 fps to 425 fps.
  • All-Weather Performance Most crossbow scopes offer adequate aiming under ideal conditions, but the CX 1.5-5 Crossbow Scope is water, shock, and fog resistant to deliver deadly aim in any environment under any conditions.
  • Wide Field of View 75-22.5-foot field of view (FOV) at 100 yards provides excellent tracking of prey even through uneven or obscured terrain.

Calibrated up to 425 fps crossbow speed, the CX Crossbow Scope is designed to instill confident aiming and performance under pressure. It combines powerful, adjustable magnification with a glass-etched, illuminated red / green reticle for on-point aiming reference. The scope includes flip-open lens caps for added protection and ease of use.

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