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This Product has been Discontinued. Please contact your local dealer for availability.

Carbon Express Adrenaline


  • Matched Weight Set - All Adrenaline series are sorted and matched by weight for best-in-class consistency with a weight sorting tolerance of +/- 2.0 grains.
  • Real Straightness - All Adrenaline series shafts are 100% laser checked to be within +/- 0.006" of an as a maximum measurement - not an average.
  • Launchpad Precision Nock - Launchpad Precision Nock comes standard on all Adrenaline arrows to deliver a precise controlled arrow release, for better accuracy shot after shot.
  • Performance Vanes - High performance Assault 2"vanes for maximum speed and greater accuracy.
  • Buffed High Polish finish - For easy removal from Target and a quieter draw.

The Adrenaline series is engineered for speed and accuracy while delivering outstanding strength and durability. The advanced layered carbon design allows for greater consistency in performance. The ultra-buffed finish delivers a quiet draw on the arrow rest for added stealth in the field. Comes standard with Assault 2" vanes for greater speed and accuracy.

Sizes: 150 (8.4gpi & .500 spine)
Diameter: .282" (150)
Available In: 6 pack arrows
Length: 30.0”
Straightness factor: ±.006"
Weight tolerance: ±2.0 grain

150 6-pack fletched | SKU: 50890 | UPC: 044734-50890-6


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