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Covert™ Tyrant Huntress Crossbow Kit - Archived

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This Product has been Discontinued. Please contact your local dealer for availability.

Carbon Express Covert™ Tyrant Huntress Crossbow Kit


  • Women's crossbow riser, pink camo crossbow riser
  • Efficient Engineering Only 30.75" long and 12.5" wide when cocked and shoots 345 fps with 114 ft/lb kinetic energy.
  • Durable cast-metal riser and extruded-aluminum barrel provide lightweight, precise alignment of limbs.
  • Lightweight women's crossbow, women's crossbow rail. At only 6.85 pounds the Covert™ 3.4 Hot Pursuit allows for easy shouldering and steady aiming. The new extruded-aluminum barrel features power channels for a strong but ultra lightweight barrel that can handle the recoil and still deliver excellent accuracy.
  • Women's crossbow stirrup: Easy & Safe Low-profile foot stirrup keeps your foot behind the barrel while downward cocking. The anti-dry-fire mechanism enhances safety in the field for both left- and right-handed shooters. “Speed Slot” rope cocker channel helps keep the string along the barrel until secure in the trigger when cocking (rope cocker included). Integrated cocking winch port reduces effort by 90% (winch sold separately). Ergonomic precision-molded grip is designed to use with or without gloves and to optimize hand position in relation to the trigger.
  • Women's crossbow trigger: Smooth Firing Precision internal components in a new cast trigger box housing deliver a clean, crisp trigger pull. The weatherproof synthetic stock is coated in SilenTech®, an exclusive Carbon Express® vibration-and-sound-dampening rubber-like exterior finish.
  • Women's crossbow rail, ladies crossbow rail: Adjustable Picatinny Rail The 9" Picatinny Forearm Rail system accommodates multiple accessories such as lights, lasers, bipods, etc. The multi-position foregrip is fully adjustable to match your shooting style and personal comfort.
  • Fast women's crossbow, precision women's crossbow: Increased Speed More speed and a flatter bolt trajectory via the precision-engineered aluminum alloy cam set. Tunable synthetic bow strings and power cables deliver smooth accurate shooting and extended performance.
  • Women's crossbow with scope: Improved Accuracy Deluxe 4x32 multi-reticle scope with large field of view makes it easy to spot targets. Six crosshairs allow for pinpoint accuracy while shooting from different distances. Water, fog, and shock resistant.
  • Women's pink crossbow, muddy girl camo: Camouflage Muddy Girl® camouflage pattern by Moon Shine LP provides excellent field cover and makes the Covert™ 3.4 Hot Pursuit a good choice for a woman’s crossbow.

Technical Specifications:

  • MODEL # 20297
  • Feet Per Second 345 fps Kinetic Energy 114 ft/lb
  • Draw Weight 175 lbs Power Stroke 13.5"
  • Weight 6.85 lbs Length 30.75"
  • Width 12.5" (cocked), 16.25" (uncocked) Length of Pull 14.5"

Ready To Hunt Kit Includes:

  • 3 Carbon Express Hot Pursuit® Premium Carbon Bolts
  • 4x32 multi-reticle scope
  • 3-arrow quiver
  • cocking rope
  • 3 practice points
  • rail lubricant

The Covert™ 3.4 Hot Pursuit is a calibrated, brand-matched shooting system. All parts and accessories are specially designed to work together for better accuracy and performance. Most important, they’re all included, which makes you ready to hunt right out of the box.

The Covert™ 3.4 Hot Pursuit Crossbow features a best-in-class compact design that provides superior handling and performance. A tactical, lightweight stock, narrow limb profile, and short length make for excellent balance and feel. And because it weighs under seven pounds, the Covert™ 3.4 Hot Pursuit is also one of the most responsive, powerful, and accurate crossbows in its class. The crossbow comes with special Muddy Girl® camouflage pattern by Moon Shine LP. But regardless of who shoots it, the Covert™ 3.4 Hot Pursuit Crossbow gives you the confidence you need to make your best shot.

Performance, Balance, and Accuracy

The Covert™ 3.4 Hot Pursuit Crossbow combines speed and power rarely found in other crossbows of its class. Delivering bolts at 114 ft/lb and 345 feet per second, the Covert™ 3.4 Hot Pursuit can take down targets in the field with precision. The new cast trigger box housing achieves a clean break at a pull weight of just 3.5 pounds to further enhance accuracy.

Measuring just 30.75" long by 12.5" wide fully cocked, the Covert™ 3.4 Hot Pursuit can be kept close to the body for better balance and response. The adjustable recoil pad and 9" Picatinny Forearm Rail system multi-position foregrip allow for custom fine-tuning to find the perfect feel. Combined with a lightweight 6.85 pound design, this pink camo crossbow allows for easy aiming and stalking, which makes it an excellent choice for a youth crossbow.

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WARNING! To avoid serious injury and learn about safe hunting techniques, users must read the instructions and watch the videos at prior to shooting any crossbow bolt.

SKU: 20297 | UPC: 044734-20297-2


  Width- Axle to Axle Power   Limbs  
Model Length Cocked Uncocked stroke Weight Draw Weight Speed (Up to)
Tyrant Huntress 31” 14.5” 16.5” 13.5” 6.85 lbs 175 lbs 350