Complete Arrow Bundle

Complete Arrow Bundle

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Complete Arrow Bundle


  • 6 Carbon Express Terminator Hunter Arrows
  • 1 Carbon Express 3-pack of Red Launchpad Lighted Nocks
  • 1 Carbon Express Arrow Storage Tube
  • 1 Rocky Mountain 3-pack Steel Warhead Broadheads

The Carbon Express Terminator Hunter Arrows are high-performance arrows that are engineered to provide the bowhunter with the penetration needed for bagging big game. Terminator Hunter arrows are made with Buff Tuff technology in Mossy Break Up Camouflage and are precut to 30" with inserts pre-installed.


  • 30" precut arrow with installed inserts
  • 55-70 lb draw weight
  • Buff Tuff technology
  • Fletched with 2" Raptor Vanes
  • 11.3 grains per inch
  • 0.005" Real Straightness
  • 0.308" O.D. and 0.244 I.D.

Launchpad illuminated precision nocks perform as well as our non-illuminated nocks. They are the first illuminated nocks to be built to industry-best, exacting specifications. At an ultra-lightweight 18.5 grains, you won't see a fall-off in downrange accuracy when you hunt with them. While Launchpad illuminated nocks are built for precision, they also feature LED brightness, a longer battery life and remarkable durability compared to the competition.

Each nock is manufactured to the highest standards and engineered with four-axis straightness within 0.001". This means that each nock will shoot the same, shot after shot. It also means that the Launchpad lighted and non-lighted nocks are a matched set for precision shooting.

Carbon Express® Arrow Tube made with durable material will protect your valuable arrows. Quick cap and convenient strap makes this arrow tube a valuable piece of your accessory collection.

The new Rocky Mountain Warhead SS features a precision-machined compact stainless steel ferrule with a 1.5-inch cutting diameter and a hybrid-tip design that cuts on contact, yet has the strength to bust through bone. The durable 0.035-inch-thick stainless steel blades are securely held in place during flight and reliably jackknife open on contact to administer huge wounds and excellent blood trails. Available in 100 grains for both vertical and crossbows.

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Terminator Hunter Arrow - 50695
CX Red Launchpad Lighted Nocks - 58054
CX Arrow Storage Tube - 98146
Rocky Mountain Steel Warhead - RM56005