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  • Threaded Point Weight Quick view

    Carbon Express®

    Threaded Target Point Weights

    Carbon Express Threaded Target Point Weights Features: Fits all CX parabolic and pin points sizes .284 - .378 Threaded weights available: 85 grains. Come in packages of 12. *Requires 3mm Weight Adjustment Wrench (Model 58003).   20 grain...

  • Amped-XS TCX Green Quick view

    Carbon Express®

    Amped-XS TCX Nock

    Carbon Express Amped-XS TCX Nock for Predator / Amped-XS Arrows Features: Fits Predator II Arrows 700-800 Spines Fits Predator II Youth Arrows 700-800 Spine Fits Amped-XS Arrows Available in: White or Green 12 per pack White | SKU: 50177...

  • Launchpad Precision Nocks Quick view

    Carbon Express®

    Launchpad Precision Nocks

    Carbon Express Launchpad Precision Nocks Features: Precise contact points for controlled arrow release. Concentric design to center the nock in the arrow shaft for more consistent performance. Aligned nock barrel for true arrow flight. The...

  • Archery Golf Line Quick view

    Carbon Express®

    Archery Golf Arrow

    Carbon Express Archery Golf    ARCHERY GOLF ARROW • 30” Flu Flu style arrow with golf ball tip• Dyed turkey feathers• Suitable for use with draw weights up to 29lbs. SKU: 50500 | UPC: 044734-50500-4

    $4.99 $9.99