Rocky Mountain Crossbows

How can I purchase parts for my Rocky Mountain crossbow?

Available replacement parts are sold on our website. This includes arrow retainer springs, strings and cables, cable slides, foot stirrups, foregrips, pistol grips, and scopes.



What if something was missing from my crossbow/crossbow kit?

If you purchased your crossbow kit brand new and you notice that any parts are missing, such as the cable slide, DO NOT SHOOT YOUR CROSSBOW.  Submit a warranty claim online: https://orgmyrange.com/feradyne/cgi-bin/customer_returns_start.cgi

What is the minimum weight bolt I can shoot out of my Rocky Mountain crossbow?

The minimum is 380 total grains. This includes the combined weight of the bolt and the point.

My crossbow is cocked but will not move from safety to fire. What’s going on?

If this happens, it is possible that the anti-dry fire mechanism has been tripped. Make sure you have a bolt fully seated on the bow before trying to move the safety switch from safe to fire. The anti-dry fire mechanism will not allow you to move the bow off “safe” without this. If that does not work, use the rope cocker or Quiet Crank, and re-cock your bow another ¼” or so until you hear a click. You’ll then seat a bolt into the trigger box and attempt to move the bow into “fire”. If the issue persists, take your bow to a local dealer or contact Customer Service for assistance – 800-282-4868.

Can I adjust the trigger pull on my crossbow?

No adjustments can be made to trigger pull on any Rocky Mountain crossbow. Do not attempt to alter or modify the device or trigger assembly in any way. This is a very dangerous practice that will not only void the manufacturer’s warranty but could also cause damage to the crossbow and/or personal injury.

What weight is the trigger pull for each of your crossbow models?

Most crossbow models from the past four years have an average trigger pull of 3½ lbs.

Why doesn’t my crossbow shoot as fast as the specifications say it can/should?

Feet per second (FPS) ratings can be affected by bolt and/or point weights. To maximize the FPS rating on your Rocky Mountain crossbow, a 380 total grain weight bolt is recommended.

How often should I replace my strings and cables?

Strings and cables should be replaced approximately every 2 years depending on use. If there is evidence of fraying or broken strands, replace strings and cables immediately.

Should I replace my cable slide when I change my strings & cables?

When changing out cables, inspect your cable slide for signs of excessive wear.  As a rule of thumb, replace your cable slide any time you replace the cables on your crossbow.  NOTE: Not all cable slides are the same.  Visit our website to select the cable slide appropriate for your model bow.  https://www.feradyne.com/cable-slides-for-cx-crossbows/

Will the Quiet Crank Cocking Winch work on all Rocky Mountain crossbows?

No, the Quiet Crank only works on bow models that have the plus-shaped hole in the butt stock.

Can I buy a butt stock that accepts the Quiet Crank?

No, this is not a part that is sold separately.

Can the rope on the Quiet Crank or the Rope Cocker be replaced?

No, we do not sell the rope for either item as a replacement part.

Can I leave the Quiet Crank installed when shooting my crossbow?

No, you want to remove the Quiet Crank from your bow before firing. The Crank does not snap into place and could fall out when your bow is held horizontally.

When reeling the Quiet Crank, will it stop midway and hold position?

Yes. The Crank will hold position once it is stopped.

How do I use the Quiet Crank Cocking Winch?

Before inserting the winch into the crossbow, ensure your bow is in the FIRE position.  Mount the winch in the stock by inserting the + mounting rod into the corresponding slot at the rear of the stock.  Once mounted, move the switch on the winch to the “Unlock” position to disengage the cocking system.  NOTE: You must hold the switch in the “Unlock” position to pull the rope out of the pulley.  Once you release the switch, it will default to the “Lock” position and you can begin reeling in the rope.

How long can I leave my crossbow in the cocked position?

We do not recommend leaving your crossbow cocked longer than one hunting session. For example, if you are hunting in the morning, we recommend firing the crossbow and re-cocking before an evening hunt (4-6 hours maximum).

Can I use the Quiet Crank or Rope Cocker to de-cock my crossbow?

No.  The only way to disengage your bow is to fire it.  We make a de-cocking tip called The Nub (https://www.feradyne.com/the-nub/) as well as a release bolt (https://www.feradyne.com/crossbow-release-bolt/) for this purpose.

How should I store my crossbow when not in use?

When storing your crossbow for extended periods of time, keep it in a temperature-controlled environment to avoid rusting and string/cable deterioration. There is no need to let down the tension on your limbs during the off-season.

What size nocks do I need for my Carbon Express crossbolts?

All Carbon Express crossbolts have an inside diameter (ID) of .284

Are the nocks on my crossbolts glued in?

No, the nocks are not glued in. They are pressure-fit nocks.

What should I use to clean my crossbolts?

We recommend using a paper towel and denatured alcohol. Be sure to use paper towels that have no additives, such as lotion. We do not recommend using any other harsh chemicals or acetone.

What type of vane is recommended for crossbolts?

We recommend using a 3” or 4” vane with a ½” height. This will allow your bolts to clear the rail of your crossbow without catching.

What type of vane is recommended for crossbolts?

If you are shooting a crossbow that is manufactured by Carbon Express, you can use any of our crossbolts. If you are shooting a non-Carbon Express crossbow, we recommend calling the bow manufacturer to verify the minimum bolt weight recommended for that model bow so you choose the right bolt for your crossbow and the correct nock (half-moon, flat, etc.).

How do I know if my crossbolt is safe to shoot?

We recommend doing a flex test after every shoot to ensure there has been no damage to your bolts.  For more information on how to perform this test as well as additional safety instructions, visit www.safearrow.com.  WARNING: Never shoot a cracked or damaged shaft.

Rocky Mountain Bowsights

Can I add pins to my sight?

No, the sights are not designed to have pins added or removed.

Can I use a sight light on my sight?

Yes, the Rocky Mountain sights accept a sight light with a thread of ¼-28.

What size are the pins on my sight?

The pins are .019″.

Am I able to customize the size of my pins?

No. Rocky Mountain sights are only available with .019” pins.

Can I change or customize the fiber optics colors?

No, you cannot change the fiber optic colors. We do not offer customized order options.

Can I get/buy replacement pins?

No, replacement pins are not available.

Will my sight accept a lens?

No, these sights do not have a threaded bezel to accept a lens.

Rocky Mountain Broadheads

Do you offer replacement blades for the Rocky Mountain broadheads?

No, replacement blades are not available.

Can I purchase replacement rubber O-rings for my Rocky Mountain heads?

We do not sell replacement O-rings separately, but medium-weight dental bands will function just as well. You can find these at any drugstore.


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