2022 Tournament


The dates are set for the 23rd Annual Muzzy Classic and this year’s event is shaping up to be a blockbuster!

Initial planning for the 2022 Muzzy® Classic Bowfishing Tournament is underway and now is the time to mark the calendar for this year’s event because this is one we don’t want YOU to miss!

Bringing back the spirit of the pre-covid experience, this year’s tournament is sure to shake things up with more fun than ever! With the annually-expanding growth of the nation’s premier bowfishing competition, Muzzy Bowfishing is excited to announce a new partner, Muddy Water Outdoors who will be co-sponsoring the June 11 event. This comes in addition to a new location based out of Vicksburg, MS with access to fish-filled waters of the mighty Mississippi. Together, Muzzy Bowfishing and Muddy Water Outdoors are looking forward to assembling the bowfishing community under the fanfare and traditional style the Muzzy Classic has been known for over the years. In addition to great fishing, participants should be prepared for meet and greets, raffles, field games, music and much more, plus a HUGE first-place payout of 20K —guaranteed!

Fire up the smart phone or mark the calendar for June 11 and 12 with big X’s to save the date! Then, stay tuned for soon-to-be-released pricing, payouts, additional sponsors, fishing formats and more. Early bird registration will take place from February 15 through April 1. This year’s participants will launch in registered order so early registration is important to making the most of time on the water. Early registrants will also have exclusive eligibility for prizes that include a Covert Optics HS1 handheld thermal scanner, Covert Optics 8X42 or 10X42 binoculars, $100 FeraDyne gift card or a Muddy Water package valued at $399!
Keep an eye out for tournament updates on Muzzy’s Facebook and Instagram platforms! We look forward to seeing you at this year’s event!

Take off location:

1310 Mulberry St.
Vicksburg, MS 39180

Saturday June 11th, 2022

12pm-4pm On-site registration
12pm-4pm Raffle ticket sales
12pm-until sold out Food Truck (TBD)
3pm Live music by Styles Haury
4pm Raffle drawings
5pm Captains meeting (REQUIRED)
6pm Launch

Sunday June 12th, 2022

8am Weigh In (MUST be in line by 8am to qualify)

For more information contact:

Mark Jenkins 501-454-0025
Hughes Skinner 601-540-8683

About Muddy Water Outdoors

This year we are excited announce our partnership with Muddy Water Outdoors. Muddy

Water Outdoors is a local Mississippi hunting/fishing apparel company. located 216 A Industrial Drive Ridgeland, MS 39157. Muddy Water Camo started as a quest to create the best camouflage in the industry with realism never before seen. We wanted to develop a process that would differentiate our company from the other traditional camouflage companies in the market.

We have recently expanded our camouflage company, by adding a new fishing apparel line “Muddy Water Fishing”. Our goal was to create a unique and high quality product for our avid fisherman. Check out our latest collection, the “CHURN Series” for a one of a kind pattern and designs that utilizes the vibrant and natural colors of various fish found throughout the world.

From the rivers and streams to the bayou and the big water, there is sure to be a design that fits your fancy.

Reflecting what the animals actually see — all natural elements, natural scenes and colors with real depth — our camo patterns are 100% in-focus and created in the field where all the action occurs.

All of this translates into an effective, natural blending concealment in the field and more importantly, success on the hunt. Our method of creating camouflage patterns is so unique and original it is the subject of two U.S. Patents. Muddy Water Camo – The Difference is Clear!

Thank You to our Sponsors

A huge THANK YOU to our Sponsors for their contributions to the Numbers side pot, now totaling $4,500!
Phoenix Airboats - $1500
Nick Pittman - $1500
Lone Star Septic - $1000
Copperhead's Outdoors - $500

piles of dead fish in bins for 2021 results

Muzzy Classic Rules


1. Each team must have proper state fishing licenses for each section of water fished.
2. Each team must have proper registration papers and registration numbers.
3. All air boats and fan boats must have a suitable shroud protecting the fan blade.
4. Each boat must have the following safety equipment: running lights, fire extinguisher, one throwable life preserver, horn or whistle, and life jackets for each person.
5. Each team member must wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket anytime the boat is on plane.
6. No wading (for safety reasons). Bows must remain in boat.
7. Alcoholic beverages are PROHIBITED during tournament hours.
8. Firearms are prohibited during scouting and tournament.
9. Any violation of State Law Enforcement, DOT or Fish & Game Department will automatically disqualify the participants from the tournament.
10. Up to 4 persons per team, one team per boat.
11. The winner of the tournament will be decided upon the total weight of their biggest 20 fish. It is the team’s responsibility to have their biggest 20 fish separated and ready for weigh in.
12. All legal species for the state of Mississippi will be accepted with the exception of catfish, spoonbill, and alligator gar.
13. Trophies, cash, or merchandise will be given away to the team shooting the heaviest fish in each of the decided categories. It is the TEAM’s responsibility to enter their fish into the Big Fish categories!
14. Largest fish taken during the tournament will win the accumulated big fish pot and only those that paid Big Fish entry will be eligible.
15. It will be the responsibility of the TEAM to determine the largest fish from the count to be weighed and measured by tournament officials to be used for tiebreakers.
16. Scouting may be done anytime. Any boat that is on the water with bows, arrows, dip nets, gigs, gaffs in the boat starting June 10th at 3pm till June 11th at the start of the tournament will be DISQUALIFIED!!!
17. No baiting or chumming of fish.
18. Teams must assist in the handling and the removal of fish from weigh in area.
19. Fish entries must be taken with bow (compound, recurve, longbow or crossbow) and a single point arrow only.
20. No hollow shaft hunting arrows may be used during the tournament.
21. No fish points or arrows with explosives or other shocking devices allowed.
22. All arrows must have a line attached to it for retrieval and reel attached to bow.
23. No dip nets, or gigs will be allowed in the boats. Gaff hooks with a single hook and total length of no more than 6’ will be allowed for landing big fish.
24. All boats will be subjected to a random inspection by tournament officials 24 hrs. prior to, during, and until the end of the Tournament.
25. Trailering from official tournament site is allowed to any Public boat ramp in MS, AR, and LA.
26. Fishing is allowed only on navigable ” able to be sailed on by ships or boats, basically if your able to run an outboard motor in it then it is navigable” State/public waters “this includes lakes, creeks, rivers and oxbows” connected to the MS river between New Orleans, La and Memphis, Tn. An example of this is the Arkansas river to the Pendleton dam. Teams may fish these waters only if navigable from the MS river. This means if there is a functioning lock at a dam sight you are allowed to go to past the dam however if the isn’t a functioning lock you are not allowed to go past the dam. The only functioning lock is just upriver from Angola, LA on the old river.
27. All boats will be checked by officials and only then will a boat be allowed to leave the tournament site. All boats must be checked at least 30 minutes before launch.
28. Each team will be allowed the use of only ONE boat during the tournament. If mechanical trouble requires the use of another boat, that team and boat must return to tournament site and leave from tournament site. All backup boats must be inspected prior to leaving the tournament site. The boat not in use must be left at tournament site.
29. In the event of a break down, any team may tow another team back to a ramp, but no team members may enter or ride in another team’s boat during this process and no transferring of boat contents is allowed, except in extreme emergency! That team and boat must return to tournament site to retrieve back up boat (see rule #28). No tournament officials or other teams are responsible for towing or retrieving any broken-down equipment. Although sportsmanship is encouraged and applauded, all teams are responsible for making weigh-in time with no exceptions.
30. For safety reasons, a team may drop off equipment and/or fish barrels, provided that ALL team members leave the tournament site and ALL team members and their fish return for the weigh-in. Barrels must have the team number attached to them and are not the responsibility of the tournament officials.
31. Suspected transferring of fish between teams will result in the disqualification of all teams involved. No fish may be transferred from one team’s boat to another team FOR ANY REASON!
33. All BOATS must make OFFICIAL FISH WEIGH IN. Failure to do so will result in the disqualification and forfeiture of all entry fees. No grace period will be allowed. Official time is kept by the tournament officials. You must be on site by or before official ending time.
34. No unsportsmanlike like conduct will be tolerated. Teams must keep a respectable distance between boats, no crowding, and no “owning” a fishing spot.
35. The decisions of the Tournament officials will be FINAL!!
36. Failure to comply with Tournament Rules will result in disqualification, and the entry fee will be FORFEITED!
37. All participants may be subject to a random polygraph test.
38. A formal protest fee in the amount of $75.00 must be made to the officials and posted by 8:00 AM or one hour prior to the awards ceremony, whichever comes first. Protests or disputes will be settled by Polygraph testing and/or majority vote of Muzzy Classic Officials.
39. All participants must check out prior to leaving the tournament.
40. Tournament hosts and sponsors will not be responsible for accidents or lost property.
41. NO REFUNDS OF ENTRY FEES – you may sell your spot to someone else, but no refunds will be given.
42. All participants will respect the rights and privacy of all non-participants on or around the water. Please be courteous and polite and avoid congested and populated areas.
43. Restricted RED ZONE areas are enforced for this tournament – NO BOATS, SCOUTING, OR FISHING ALLOWED for 7 DAYS PRIOR to and DURING tournament. Violators will be disqualified – NO QUESTIONS! Know where these areas are – it is your responsibility!
44. One class– Airboats, Fan boats, Kicker, and Trolling motor boats.
45. All airboats must have a functioning muffler on engine.
46. All boats must be in compliance with all state and federal regulations pertaining to watercraft.
47. When boat is trailered to moving vehicle, all passengers aboard must be seated.

RED ZONES… red zones could be added at any time by tournament director due to complaints. Remember to be courteous to all home owners and campers.
There is no map at this time so you must abide by these simple rules:

You must use a public access and you can only fish public waters. No running dry to access other waters.
You will know and follow all state laws and regulations for the state you are fishing in.
You will only have fish that are legal to bowfish in Mississippi when you return to the weigh in.

We will have a few boats being filmed for TV. This will mean a fifth person on the vessel. This person may not aid in fishing in any manner. No driving of the vessel or vehicle will be allowed by the camera person. No holding of fishing equipment or shooting of fishing equipment. Camera person will only be allowed to be a hindrance to the team. (Anyone who wishes to have a camera man onboard has to clear with Muzzy officials one week prior to tournament. We reserve the right to review any and all video captured 48 hours prior or during tournament)

boundary map for fishing
north and south boundaries