Cause Solution

Motor attempts to turn but “jams” or “clicks”.

Low battery or auger obstruction.

Push the test button. The battery indicator will indicate the level of the feeder battery when the motor is under load. If you don’t have three bars, get a new battery. If battery is okay, disconnect it and try to spin the spinner by hand. If it’s difficult or stuck, remove the motor housing and auger. Clear the obstruction and connect battery.


Motor goes off but minimal feed is dispensed.

Powder dust build up in the bottom of the feeder, reducing auger efficiency.

Remove the battery and timer. Take the top half off the feeder and thoroughly clean the bottom, removing powder and cake build-up. If problem persists, use a hacksaw to trim no more than an inch off of the bottom of the auger tube (PVC pipe). This will expose more auger.

Though we hope problems do not exist, sometimes a problem may arise with your Capsule Feeder. If you can’t find the answer here please call our office to figure out the problem.

Assembly Instructions


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