• AX405 Combo Bolts with Axe Lit Nocks Quick view

    Axe® Crossbows

    AX405 Combo Bolts with Axe Lit Nocks

    AX405 Combo Bolts with Axe Lit Nocks Features: Axe .166 Micro Diameter Bolts Length: 17.38" Fusion XII SL Vanes Approx. Weight: 414 Grains (including Lit Nock and 100 grain point) Axe Green Lit Nock Crossbow String...

  • axe crossbow bolts Quick view

    Axe® Crossbows

    Crossbow Bolts

    AXE Crossbow Bolts Features: .166” ID Micro Diameter shaft 17 3/8” Length (without point) 383 Grains (with 100 grain point) 6061-T6 Aluminum Nock (3) Fusion XII SL vanes 6 per Package Micro-diameter .166 bolt delivers...

  • Rocky Mountain Nub Crossbow De-Cocking Device Quick view

    Rocky Mountain®

    The Nub

    Rocky Mountain's "The Nub" De-Cocking Tip 1 PC Features: Inserts into standard crossbow bolts to create a safe & effective way to de-cock a crossbow. Small & Ultra-Portable. A Specialized head for crossbow de-cocking. Durable Machine...

  • Mayhem Crossbolt Quick view

    Carbon Express® Arrows

    Mayhem Crossbolt

    Mayhem Crossbolt Features: Multi-layer Construction Innovative multi-layer construction has an optimal size diameter and is tuned for today’s high-powered crossbows to deliver exceptional down-range accuracy and penetration with a...

  • Maxima Badlands Crossbolt Quick view

    Carbon Express® Arrows

    Maxima Badlands Crossbolt

    Carbon Express Maxima Badlands Crossbolt Features: Dual Spine Weight Forward technology for rapid recovery and optimizing trajectory to ensure greater down-range shot placement Badlands Camo BuffTuff exterior with precision-milled insert for...

  • Piledriver Crossbolt Quick view

    Carbon Express® Arrows

    Piledriver Crossbolt

    Piledriver Crossbolt Features: Bone-Crushing Penetration Heavy grain weight creates maximum kinetic energy and greater knock-down power. Advanced Construction Ensures spine consistency for greater accuracy. And the composite material is...