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    Rage® Broadheads

    Hypodermic Trypan Crossbow

    Rage Trypan for Crossbows Features: 2 Blade Broadhead 100 Grain Hybrid Chisel Tip Titanium Ferrule 0.039" Blade Thickness 2" Cutting Diameter Keyed ferrule and shock collar High energy series shock collar The new 100-grain Rage Hypodermic...

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    Muzzy® Broadheads

    Merc Broadhead

    Muzzy Merc 3-Blade Broadhead Features: 3-Blade Broadhead Available in 100 grain Hybrid Tip Stainless Steel Ferrule .030" Thickness Blades 1 1/8" Cutting Diameter Aluminum blade retention collar 3 per pack Replacement Blades Available (SKU:...

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    Rage® Broadheads

    Rage X-treme 4 Blade

    Rage Extreme 4 Blade Broadhead! Features: 4 Blade Broadhead 100 Grain Cut-on-Contact Machined Aluminum Ferrule .030 Cut-on-Contact Blade .035 Wing Blades 7/8" Wide Fixed Blade Cut 2.3" Expandable Cut 3.1" Total Cutting Diameter Standard and...

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    Muzzy® Broadheads

    Trocar HB-Ti

    Muzzy Trocar HB-Ti Broadhead Features: 4-Blade Broadhead Available in 100 grain Chisel Tip Machined Titanium Ferrule .050" Thick Fixed Blade .039" Thick Mechanical Blades 1" Fixed Blade Cutting Diameter 1 5/8" Expandable Cutting Diameter 2...

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    TRU-FIRE® Release Aids

    Clutch Extreme

    New for 2019!! TruFire Clutch Extreme Buckle Foldback® MSRP: $104.99 FEATURES: MIM 1-Piece Steel Body Precision Milled Caliper Jaws Adjustable Trigger Travel Locking Length Adjustment Foldback® Extreme Buckle Strap The TruFire Clutch...

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    IQ® Bowsights

    "Define" Range Finding Sight

    New for 2019! Left-Handed Model Available Soon! "Define" Range Finding Sight Features: OLED Display with blue yardage and yellow battery indicator 2 min scan mode External trigger with adhesive Separate red dot visible laser for calibration CR-2...

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    Muzzy® Bowfishing

    24" Gaff

    New for 2019!! Muzzy Bowfishing 24" Gaff Features: 24 inch Aluminum Handle Steel Hook Foam Rubber Grip SKU: 1038 | UPC: 050301110380

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    FeraDyne Outlet

    Anchor Reel Seat

    Muzzy Anchor Reel Seat Features: Use with the spincast style bowfishing reels Anodized Aluminum Body Stainless Steel Hardware and Mounting Screw Threaded Accessory Hole for Attachments 2-Ring locking Collar   The Muzzy Anchor Reel Seat...

    $21.00 $29.95
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    Carbon Express® Arrows

    Arrow Squaring Tool

    Carbon Express Arrow Squaring Tool Features: Easily square the ends of your cut arrows to ensure proper alignment with components. Includes integrated arrow spinner to check arrow straightness. Solid construction that insures no...

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    Black Hole™ Targets

    Black Hole

    Black Hole Target Features: 4-sided shooting "Wrapped" Sides - Shoot field points (only) at both woven polypropylene wrapped sides! "Open-face" layered design - Shoot field tips, fixed blade, & expandable broadheads at front and back of...