• Muzzy Bowfishing LV-R Quick Detach Reel Seat Quick view

    Muzzy® Bowfishing

    LV-R Quick Detach Reel Seat

    Muzzy Bowfishing LV-R Quick Detach Reel Seat Features: Tool Free Reel Lock Anti-Twist Lock Feature for Bow Adjustable Cam Pressure Shoot Thru Rod Adaptable Machined and Anodized 6061-T6 Aluminum SKU: 1180 | UPC: 050301111806

  • Muzzy Bowfishing Soft Sided Bow Case Quick view

    Muzzy® Bowfishing

    Bow Case

    Muzzy Bowfishing Bow Case Features: Soft Sided Case with Muzzy Logo 3 Accessory Pockets 32" Arrow Tube Sleeve Shoulder Strap Fits LV-X, VICE, and Oneida Bows A handy carrying case made to hold your Muzzy bowfishing bow and accessories. Keep...

  • Mantis II Bowfishing Rest Quick view

    Muzzy® Bowfishing

    Mantis II Bow Fishing Rest

    Muzzy Mantis II Bowfishing Arrow Rest Features: Anodized Aluminum Frame Full Containment, No Trap Door No-Wear Delrin Arrow Pad High Visibility Coloring Laser Etched Markings for Windage Adjustments Rotatable Frame for Elevation Adjustments and...

  • Muzzy Fish Gaff Quick view

    Muzzy® Bowfishing

    24" Gaff

    Muzzy Bowfishing 24" Gaff Features: 24 inch Aluminum Handle Steel Hook Foam Rubber Grip The Muzzy Bow fishing 24” Gaff features a durable 24 inch aluminum handle, tough steel hook, and a foam rubber grip for better handling. SKU: 1038 |...

  • Muzzy Bowfishing Towel Quick view

    Muzzy® Bowfishing

    Bowfishing Towel

    Muzzy Bowfishing Towel Keep your hands clean and dry with the Muzzy Bowfishing towel. The belt clip allows you to easily attach the towel to your side or boat so that it is always there when you need to wipe off your hands or equipment. SKU: 1091 |...

  • Fish Hook Rest Quick view

    Muzzy® Bowfishing

    Muzzy Fish Hook Bowfishing Rest

    Muzzy Bowfishing Fish Hook Arrow Rest The Muzzy Fish Hook Bowfishing Rest allows you to fish with total confidence no matter the conditions. It's unique design allows the line to lay in the grove under the arrow while providing a 3-sided capture making...

  • Quick view

    Muzzy® Bowfishing

    Single Arrow Quiver

    Muzzy Bowfishing Single Arrow Quiver Features: Rust resistant aluminum construction Securely holds bowfishing arrow close to bow Mounts to existing quiver bolt holes on bow Can be mounted in the arrow forward or arrow back positions Compact and...

  • Quick view

    Muzzy® Bowfishing

    Anchor Reel Seat

    Muzzy Bowfishing Anchor Reel Seat Features: Attaches to stabilizer mounting hole Heavy duty design Rust resistant aluminum construction Fits most all Spincast style reels Color: Black The Anchor reel seat provides a rock-solid platform to...

  • Spincast Shoot Through Rod Quick view

    Muzzy® Bowfishing

    Shoot-Through Rod

    Muzzy Bowfishing Shoot-Through Rod Features: Extends the life of your reel by reducing side torque on the reel's main shaft Allows line to flow freely from spool Nothing for line to get wrapped around Stainless-steel construction Available for...

  • Line Puller Quick view

    Muzzy® Bowfishing

    Line Puller

    Muzzy Bowfishing Line Puller Features: Machined Aluminum Construction Mounts to Sight Mounting locations on bow riser Picatinny Rail for Accessories The Muzzy Bowfishing Line Puller is a must have accessory for any bow using a spincast reel...

  • Lime Green Braided Bowfishing Line Package Quick view

    Muzzy® Bowfishing

    Lime Green Braided Bowfishing Line

    Muzzy Bowfishing Lime Green Braided Bowfishing Line Features: Spool Sized (Enough line to fill a Muzzy reels spool) Braided Line for Strength and Durability Color: Lime Green Quantity: 100 feet Test: 200 pound Muzzy 200# Lime Green Bowfishing...

  • Glove Free Rubber Finger Guards Quick view

    Muzzy® Bowfishing

    Glove Free Rubber Finger Guards

    Muzzy Bowfishing Glove Free Rubber Finger Guards Features: Easy Installation Soft Silicon Construction 1 Set per package Allows Accurate shooting even with wet hands and your fingers will thank you. SKU: 1089 | UPC: 050301010895