21st Annual Muzzy Classic Results

MBF Classic Turnout

2020 Muzzy Classic - It was a wild night with tumultuous weather, but we were able to clean 14,594 pounds of invasive fish out of the participating waters!

The success of the 2020 Muzzy Classic couldn’t have happened without the support the fine folks of Eddyville, KY and their local agencies, the volunteers, pro staff members, the donors, and the entire bowfishing community!


The Final Results of the 2020 Muzzy Classic are as follows:



The BIG FISH pot ($2950) was won by team DESCALIN' with a 44.34# bighead.

The BIG SILVER pot ($2500) was won by team FISH THIS with a 18.84# silver. Thank you to Bass Pro Shop for donating the prize!

On behalf of Muzzy Bowfishing, we are glad you all could make it and we can't wait for next years tournament!