20th Annual Muzzy Classic Results

MBF Classic Turnout

The 20th Annual Muzzy Classic is now is the books and was a huge success! A new record of 93 registered boats launching in Eddyville, KY has broken the old record of 87 boats! As a whole, there were 14,297 pounds of fish weighed during the Big 20 weigh in. This number does not include the thousands of fish that were culled out of each boats biggest 20 or the weight of the teams who shot the Numbers division. Our numbers shooters brought in and counted 1,966 total fish for the night.

The success of the 2019 Muzzy Classic couldn’t have happened without the support the fine folks of Eddyville, KY and their local agencies, the volunteers, pro staff members, the donors, and the entire bowfishing community. We are already scouting locations for the 2020 Muzzy Classic and hope to register 100 boats next year!

Big 20 1st Place

Big 20 - 1st Place ($10,000): Team Mountain Men

  • Team Mountain Men consisted of Brandon Marble, James Yarolem, Ech Latham, and Jeremy Sanderlin
  • Total Weight of 519.35 pounds
Big 20 - 2nd Place

Big 20 - 2nd Place ($5,000): Team Descalin’

  • Team Descalin’ consisted of Ryan Devine, Tyler Devine, Sawyer York, and Travis Spiceland
  • Total Weight of 470.8 pounds
Big 20 - 3rd Place

Big 20 - 3rd Place ($2,500): Team OCD Bowfishing

  • Team Descalin’ consisted of Jesse Bazzell, Derrick McCiuston, Ryan Norsworthy, and Will Burgess
  • Total Weight of 390.8 pounds
Numbers Winner

Numbers Division ($5,000): Team G-String Bowfishing

  • Team G-String Bowfishing consisted of Joey Greenwell, Derek Thomas, and Joey Parrish
  • Total of 630 fish
Big Fish Pot Winner

Big Fish Pot Winners ($3,700): Team Nock Deep

  • Team Nock Deep consisted of David Waddell, Lance Brantley, and Brady Wright
  • Single Fish Weight of 43.2 pound Big Head
Big Silver Pot Winner

Big Silver Pot Winners ($2,500): Team Mountain Men (Secoond Award)

  • Team Mountain Men consisted of Brandon Marble, James Yarolem, Ech Latham, and Jeremy Sanderlin
  • Single Silver weighing in at 23 pounds
Melissa Bachman
LV-X Raffle Winner
Fish Totes

Close of the Classic